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Yean Labmagico
liar of love.

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a Malaysian girl who stuck in United States.

YEAN is my name.


Status : I never feared death or dying, I only fear never trying.



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Sekinchan - Part 1
One day trip to Sekinchan with ze beloved family :) 

"Sekinchan is a little town in the middle of the main rice-bowl area of Selangor, in the Sabak Bernam district"

My dad's friend's hometown is in Sekinchan. Dad asked him to come along with us and be our tour guide :]
Took 1 and a half hour journey to Sekinchan. Once we reach there, the first thing to do is to fill up our empty tummy! We never take breakfast before we start the journey just to go there to have some good food. 
Dad's friend brought us to Restaurant Ka Lok for br-unch.
This restaurant is famous with giant fish head. Their fishes are all fresh and usually sold out at early noon.

Restoran Ka Lok

Shoe sole fish cook with bitter gourd

Their famous giant steamed fish head! The fish meat was very fresh and sweet :)

After br-unch, we paid a visit to Nine Emperor Gods temple.
You can actually climb up to the top of the two pagodas on the left and right, which gives an awesome view of all the surrounding paddy fields.

the temple

The yellow color is overpowering! 
Interestingly, yellow and gold color herald heavenly glory - according to Chinese traditions.

Flags infront of the temple

the boy helped us to hang it

bro trying to pose

After pray, dad's friend brought us right behind the temple to pluck mango.
We don't have to pay money and can pluck as many as we like :S

Walking in to the mango farm


We headed to dad's friend's friend's farm.
Guess what? To pluck mangoes again! wtf. Mango trip? lol

the boyz with Estima :D

Look! How many mangoes they plucked!
Can sell at pasar malam already!

ngong ngong gui gui hui mai min~~~

Those who watch Hong Kong TVB series <荃加福祿壽 Super Snoops> will know this stupid song.
My youngest bro keep singing it nowadays. lol 

戆戆居居去买面~ 买着个虾子面~ 妈妈冲凉~ 爸爸耕田~ 由我去买面~~~

stay tune for my Part II 

first self-video

my big eyes are blinking to you ♥ 

My first self-shoot stop motion video.
Did this video for fun ; its quite short, only 12 seconds. But I used few hours to snap photos and do the editing.
College final project don't want to do, but go and create stupid video. my god. I'm wasting time :P
*Seriously, I'm freaking lazy to touch my final project*

I think the eyes doesn't look smooth.
Will do a longer video next time :)
Try on MOUTH in my next video :P

Large Eyes O.O



My Happiest Moment
Together-gather, it's the happiest moment :D
When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses.
For me, the moment of traveling around with family is the most precious and happiest moment!

I love travel.
I had traveled around in different county with my family.
I went before Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Bali (Indonesia), India & HongKong.
This coming holiday will be going USA with my parents :D so excited!

Pictures shown below is some of my traveling photos :

Japan Disneyland :)

Taiwan trip

BALI! with my lovely-dovey cousins
*i miss you jeff & ann

Australia Sea World ; tagged along with my grandparents :)

I ♥ this photo, taken at Bali before we leave.

Yes, we can't freeze the time, we can just store the happy memories in our mind.
I will capture down all the memories each time when I go for vacation ;
So that family and I can look at the photos and flash back our happy moment during vacation!

This is my first time joining contest. If I win a prize, it would be my another happy moment! :P
Olympus is giving Nuffnangers the opportunity to win great prizes with the ‘Happy Photography’ contest, revolving around your happiest memories. 
Join it to stand a chance at winning sexy gadgets from Olympus! :) 

This is your chance to put your photography skills to the test! Here’s what you need to do:
1. Write a blog post titled “My Happiest Moment”.
2. Include a photo in your blog post that describes your happiest moment. It can be a pre-existing photo, or you can go out and shoot something that represents that moment!
3. Download this file containing Olympus Happy Photography logo variations, choose one of the colour variations and include it in your blog post as well.
4. Once you have written your blog post and taken your photo reflecting the theme of ‘Happy Photography’, submit them at and the best photos with stories behind them will win some awesome prizes from Olympus!

*Deadline for submissions is 11.59 pm, 12 November 2011 (Saturday)

PEN-LITE gives the best moment in life!

"Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes." - Its already few hours! I don't know why I can't go into my facebook but others can! WHY?????????????????
Can't log in facebook, twitter has nothing to see, so this is the reason why am I here in blogger. Just to write some crap.

Just had a haircut today.
I think I looks like when I was in high school time? *but with better looking now* hahaha...
I cut my hair shorter length, I cut my fringe...
I still think my hair is not short enough ; but if is too short, will look ugly on me. *coz I have a big giant body size* If is long, I can't stand of it and lazy to take care of the long hair. hehe....

This was my Form 4 look.
I look like this now... I guess... lol

nice or not...

pretty or not...


Don't call me YEAN JIE ; call me Yean mui mui now :P

Next thing to do with my hair -  DYE COLOR :D 

Hold On.

The mistakes that made me learn. 
The light that lead the way. 
The hope that kept me trusting. 
The difficulties that brought me down. 
The strength that kept me walking. 
The pain that reminded me I was still alive.
If giving up seems to be another option, hold on ;
And have a little faith.

End of Sept.
I've been wasted a lot of time in the past few month, hope that I not going to waste any single time from October onwards. Must appreciate the time. LOL
I seems like very free everyday, but I have a lot of thing to do actually.
- I reassess my Multimedia Authoring 1, which is Web Design.
- Final Project
- US University 

I have trouble in everything! Everything I want to do just not right.
Make me so emo and helpless nowadays :( :( :(

I started my video shooting this few days. EVERYTHING PISSED ME OFF!
First, I have no recording camera, so I borrowed from my friend but his mom need to use, I have to return it as soon as possible. #Trouble No.1
Second, my dear boys... sometimes really pissssed me off. Why can't you all have some time management? I already informed early, and you'll promised that can come. When the day reach, you'll tell me you have something to do... this and that... oh fine! I postpone the time. #Trouble No.2
Third, still my dear boys. Why can't you'll act properly, cooperate a bit? Don't always play play. Be serious a bit. aihh... #Trouble No.3

fucking Mosquito bites all around my big fat legs during the shooting.
Why don't mosquito suck my fat oil

For my Web Design that I reassess. 
The lecturer is the troublemaker. He is noob in teaching, that's why I learn nothing on his previous class and he failed me. 
He just know how to ask us do more research research and research. fuckhimupsidedown*
I paid RM320 without my parents know to reassess it just because I don't want a failed in my Record Book when I graduate.
He asked me to do the same thing with the juniors - redesign Austin Chase Coffee website.

My design of the webpage.
Not the final yet. Other pages still got a lot of changes.
This time I not gonna design it complicated like my previous one.
The asshole lecturer is ok with this design.

And this TOEFL
I never touch this book at all since the day I bought it.
22 of November is the day I have to sit for the test. #fuckmyself

I just went to the US University Fair.
I have 3 option, which is UCLA, USC or Chapman Uni.
The thing I headache about is... whether are they accept me as transfer student, or I have to start all everything again as a freshman.
and this is what I don't like. US is compulsory to take General Education, which mean I have to study everything like maths, science those again that I never been touch for 3 years already!
I can say that I wasted this fuckin 3 years studying Diploma in Malaysia.

US Uni's Catalogs from the fair.

My friends say my face become chubby ; My mom say my arms become bigger. 
Okayyy.. my lower part body - my butt and my thigh is as big as usual. wtf.
sei fei poooooooo
Don't care laa... I don't exercise, I eat as usual, I sleep a lot. hehee..

I can't stand my hair even is not that long.
I don't know how those girls with freaking long hair can stand it.
Feel like cutting it shorter!
Sometimes I want long hair, but I lazy to take care.
I miss my silky-smooth natural hair in high school time :(
Now my hair dry like fuck because of dying hair.
But still I need a new hair color~