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liar of love.

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a Malaysian girl who stuck in United States.

YEAN is my name.


Status : I never feared death or dying, I only fear never trying.



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SPOCOM Car Event 2013
Throwback to last year, SPOCOM held a car show in San Jose's Japantown, closing off the main street. The event was packed with awesome music, great weather, and quality cars! This was my first time being in a car event at U.S. I was there with Peter ; Austin was the one who invited us to the event. Peter and I just get to know Austin not that long at that time. There were a lot of cool modified cars that caught my attention.

I super love sport cars and muscle cars but I don't know anything about cars. hehe. The time I started to check out cool cars like boys did was the time when I was looking for a car in U.S. And so, I got myself a Nissan 350z (among my budget). I don't know about muscle cars too until I get to know Peter! Guess what? That time when he first dated me out with his Mustang, I was like "damn. his car is so handsome", then I started to do a research about Mustang. To be honest, his car caught my attention first, not him. hahahaha.

This was the time, we always chilled at Austin's shop after we get to know him.
Peter brought me there almost every single day. Crazy. #thosewerethedays 

That silly kid fooling around.

and then influenced by him, I always did silly stuff with him too :\
Not even a single second being a normal person whenever together with him.
Then everyone always said that we looked cute together. #wtf
Guess both of us have some serious brain problems at that moment. lol.

Back to the car show, I took some photos at the event. Check it out and enjoy if you are a car lover too :D

These are only some of the cars from SpoCom car show 2013 at San Jose, there's a lot more.
I've attended this year SpoCom car show too! Will blog about it later :)

peace xx

Street Art @ Shah Alam (Seksyen 7 & Seksyen 2)

My friend and I came out with the idea of photo-shooting since both of us have nothing to do, yes, way tooooooo free. I was thinking of shooting at a background with graffiti art because I've seen a lot of very cool and creative graffiti on the wall in Western countries. So I made a research in google are there any places like that in KL, Malaysia, then I found this street art in the alleys of Shah Alam. It is not exactly graffiti arts that I want, however, it is another kind of creative artwork supported from local artistes by transforming an ordinary back alleys into art streets with 3D paintings, street furniture and paintings on-site.

There are 2 back alleys in Shah Alam which have been nicely transformed to art streets:
- Laman Seni 2 (Seksyen 2)
- Laman Seni 7 (Seksyen 7)

The street art is actually a project collaboration between the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA), Bank Muamalat and UiTM students focuses on improving the back alleys, engaging our generation to appreciate towards art and architecture, as well as providing a platform for the younger generation to express themselves in the form of art. It is also part of the MBSA's effort to run a "clean zone programme" (Zon Bersih campaign), and challenge the notion of back alleys as dirty and dingy areas by developing them into tourist attractions.

"The main objective of this project is to express the appreciation towards art to the residents of Shah Alam. The population of Shah Alam is mostly consisted of students. By creating this kind of project, students from various universities would be able to appreciate and learn more about street art concept...... This project will also create an early exposure for the school students to art and idea. In short, besides having this project as a new attraction in Shah Alam, it also will create an early exposure and awareness towards art."
- KHZNH Studio

LAMAN SENI 7 #LorongBelakang
Laman Seni 7 is a continuation of Laman Seni 2 project. It is bigger and much more nicer compare to Laman Seni 2.

Jalan Plumbum Q7, 
Seksyen 7, Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia.

This is my favorite wall art among all - The "Melting"! 
Looks very cool here, and check out the message for everyone.

This is the older street art, and it is only a small area about 150 meters long.

Jalan Bunga Melur 2/16,
Seksyen 2, Shah Alam, 
Selangor, Malaysia.

This is interesting, classroom on a vertical wall.

Desks and chairs in horizontal positions are bolted onto the straight wall.

There are a lot more interesting artworks that I never show out here. If you are interested in arts like me, these places are worth to pay a visit. So far, there is no entrance fee to visit the art streets as everyone is allowed to visit the back alleys at any time of the day :)

peace xx

Adrian Bong's 23th Birthday
July 20th was Adrian Bong's 23th Birthday
(he doesn't even looks like 23. weird.)

I was invited to his house for a small birthday celebration that day.
Never seen him for ages after he left to UK and I was in US.
He never changed that much, still remain the same like a kiddo. lol

Homemade hotpot for the guests in his house.

Tagged along with the girlfriend, JooXin :)

Met some new people, Bong's high school mates from Murni.

and us from Cempaka. lol

some "selfie" time.

Love the view from his house, especially at the night time.

a group photo of us

So, is he a boy or girl? 
That's the question people always ask. HAHAHAHA.
Sorry Bong. Don't kill me :P


World Cup Final 2014 Party
Let's meet some new faces in my blog!
You all know that I skipped my Winter class and came back to Malaysia on January, right?
During that time, I found myself an intern job in a production company, and so I met these very cute and nice people :)
We'd been planning for a party on that time when I'm back to Malaysia. So we decided to have hotpot (they called it "steamboat" here in Malaysia) at my home on 13th July, coincidentally that night was FIFA World Cup Final.
Then Ivan came out with the idea to have everyone to wear football jersey. So we had this so-called-world cup theme party. lol

Look at the 'big little kid', ah Tat on the cart, and the 'mummy' Helen. haha.
I already prepared most of the thing for hotpot, later on some of us headed to Tesco to get the rest of the stuff.

and then we went to pick up those who don't have transport, very good service huh :P
From the right to left: ManYee, WeiLoon, Ivan, Tat, and me 

Here you go... Hotpot of the night!

These were just part of the food! 

All of us wearing all kind of weird shirt that related to world cup. lol

#Selfie before start eating! 

Left to right: ManYee, Helen, Weiloon, Ivan, Cyrus, and me at the back

ShiYing and ah Tat joined us for the selfie. lol

Alright. Stop taking photos and start eating................................

After dinner, we play games and start our drinking session.
Thanks ah Tat for getting us liquor :D
No one was dead this time. haha. 
Then we had our second round of hotpot and then they watched FIFA world cup final.
Ohh. Congrats to Germany team :)

JunHung preparing the drinks for game

Forgot what's the game's name

I miss working with you guys :(
Miss those days we worked at A'Famosa.
Love you all!

love xx