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Yean Labmagico
liar of love.

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a Malaysian girl who stuck in United States.

YEAN is my name.


Status : I never feared death or dying, I only fear never trying.



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New Journey Begins

Oh Hi. Greeting from Los Angeles :)


If you wonder why am I always at Malacca last two months...
What makes me so crazy to drive 2 hours journey to Malacca...

Not the food nor the place.
I can't deny that my first intention of going there was to see someone (OBVIOUSLY. and yes, everyone knew that even if I don't admitted it), but after that, I just being random to go there since I have nothing to do.
Parents nagged me of going there too often, my friends were doubting what so fun about Malacca, and so here I am going tell you...

Nothing fun, just random :)

My previous company is filming for a local drama at Malacca's Putra Specialist Hospital.
I went there to pay a visit to the production team, I miss working with them :(
Basically, I just sit / stand at there to watch the process of shooting ; everyone was crazily busy, and I was the only one very free to chill around.
I was trying to help them out, but I don't know what can I help ; I wanted to be a background actor for them, but too bad I couldn't be on the screen because of my blonde hair. (that's just sucks for Malaysia dramas)
So, what can I do was just sat aside and watched them quietly :X

Special thanks to HOR TAT CHIN (ah Tat) accompany me during the summer break :)
Without him, I would be super duper bored.
Thought I was crazy enough, this guy here is totally insane! HAHA.
I guess among my friends, he is the only one will accompany me to do silly thing. Well, suppose to say that I was the one who accompany him to do crazy stuff!
Thanks for bringing me around to enjoy good food and nice coffee at KL and also Malacca.
Ain't I a KL people? I sounds more like a tourist. lol.

Did you see the mask-guy at Malacca?
(will blog about this soon)

don't play play with the professional photographer.

This was my very last time to be at Malacca before flying back to U.S.

You guys have seen the hospital, doctors dramas from Hong Kong, and here is the Malaysia version that they are filming.
I wonder how's the drama will be like. lol :X
Look at  all these tiring-faces people, working really hard in the middle of the night.


Ivan and I had been forced to sit at the corner because there was no more room for us to stand while they were shooting :\

The nurse-wanna-be. haha.

Ivan and WeiLoon!
I was assigned to help them out during my intern time. 
Missing those days although I only worked with them for a short-term time.

Racy, the pretty make-up artist, playing the role of nurse. 
lol. all the production people turning to be nurses.

Yong, the funny sound man :)

Li! The very cool girl :D 

Winnie, at first I thought she was very fierce, but once I get along with her, she's another crazy people to be with :P
I guess most of the people who work in production are crazy and fun. haha. 

Lastly, a picture of me at the Malacca River.

I don't miss Malacca, I do miss the production team!
I'll be back to visit you guys again after a year, hopefully not in Malacca again :]

loves xx


I have been eating too much since the day I came back to Malaysia.
Gaining super lot of weight I guess. I don't wanna know what is my weight now :X
No more wearing crop tees with shorts, because having a big fat tummy now. sigh.

Do you know that I only eat a proper meal in a day at U.S.?
And then when I came back to Malaysia, I eat non stop from afternoon to night! My stomach has no time to rest at all. wtf.
This is why I always say that U.S. makes me look better, and Malaysia makes people look super ugly!
Is time to have a diet plan when I get back to U.S.

Check out some of the food I had these days...













instagram: @cwyean

peace xx

SPOCOM Car Event 2013
Throwback to last year, SPOCOM held a car show in San Jose's Japantown, closing off the main street. The event was packed with awesome music, great weather, and quality cars! This was my first time being in a car event at U.S. I was there with Peter ; Austin was the one who invited us to the event. Peter and I just get to know Austin not that long at that time. There were a lot of cool modified cars that caught my attention.

I super love sport cars and muscle cars but I don't know anything about cars. hehe. The time I started to check out cool cars like boys did was the time when I was looking for a car in U.S. And so, I got myself a Nissan 350z (among my budget). I don't know about muscle cars too until I get to know Peter! Guess what? That time when he first dated me out with his Mustang, I was like "damn. his car is so handsome", then I started to do a research about Mustang. To be honest, his car caught my attention first, not him. hahahaha.

This was the time, we always chilled at Austin's shop after we get to know him.
Peter brought me there almost every single day. Crazy. #thosewerethedays 

That silly kid fooling around.

and then influenced by him, I always did silly stuff with him too :\
Not even a single second being a normal person whenever together with him.
Then everyone always said that we looked cute together. #wtf
Guess both of us have some serious brain problems at that moment. lol.

Back to the car show, I took some photos at the event. Check it out and enjoy if you are a car lover too :D

These are only some of the cars from SpoCom car show 2013 at San Jose, there's a lot more.
I've attended this year SpoCom car show too! Will blog about it later :)

peace xx