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Yean Labmagico
liar of love.

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a Malaysian girl who stuck in United States.

YEAN is my name.


Status : I never feared death or dying, I only fear never trying.



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Short Getaways to Santa Monica
There's no better way to help you prepare than to take a short trip to some of the best beaches in the United States! When I was at San Jose, my best partner in crime - Peter, and I always took 45 minutes drive to Santa Cruz beach. There are lots of beaches to choose from here in Southern California. Loving the broad stretches of sandy beaches, the meandering bike and walking paths, I was so much influenced by Peter to be a beach person (I guess I influenced by him too much).

In Santa Monica, summer doesn't end in September! Summer last well into the winter months with temperature often reaching the high 70F (21C). So beach life in this iconic city more or less goes on as usual.

Before going to the beach, there are few places to know about Santa Monica:
- Santa Monica Pier
- Santa Monica Promenade

Santa Monica Pier

The century-old pier is home to Pacific Park, a 2-acre family amusement park with a ferris wheel, family friendly rides, midway games, an over-the-ocean food plaza, and a half dozen restaurants.

It is the end of the road for Historic Route 66, once the main thoroughfare between Chicago, Illinois and California that was built in 1926.

with the girls at the Pacific Park of Santa Monica Pier.


Iris, Zoe, yours truly, and GeJia :)

Santa Monica Promenade

It is considered a premier shopping and dining place of the Westside of L.A. The Third Street Promenade is also a popular destination that full of street performers, musicians, dancers, and other acts.

with the girls at M.A.C shop.

Four of us again :)

girls shopping day at Santa Monica Promenade :)

Lastly, here we go to the Santa Monica Beach!
Let pictures do the talking :)

Boots-off, barefoot to the sand!

camera ready!

touch the sea.

Follow me to the blue sea :)

Tons of #selfie with Zoe baby.

till then :)

loves xx

2014 Los Angeles Auto Show
During thanksgiving day, Jerry (I knew him from Cupertino and now we met at L.A. after two years) brought me to 2014 L.A. Auto Show at Los Angeles Convention Center. It was my first time visiting a world of cars with new models that would come out in the next year / years to come! Previously I only went to the car show that held by SPOCOM, which was presenting all modified cars (check out my blog post here).

The 2014 L.A. Auto Show was the place to showcase concept cars from Chevrlet, Porsche, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes to name a few. Some were idealistic, while others were a proof-of-concept and close to going into production.

Thanks Jerry for the treat :D
Ticket was sell $12 for adult.

I'm a big fans of #Mustang!
2015 Mustang GT is superb. 
The exterior features hard core Boy Racer Styling from Air Design that gives this all-new Ford Mustang GT some serious attitudes and street creds. 

Interior: SRoadwire two-tone leather interior, Sundial window tint, Sparco Racing seat belt harness, Focal Audio - replacement speakers and sub woofers.

Galpin Auto Sports and Henrik Fisker turn the Mustang into a Rocket in L.A.

The Rocket is based off the latest 2015 Mustang, but the entire exterior design has been substantially reworked by Fisker.

#LexusLFA is the second car that I really fancy of!

Sexy back of Lexus LF-A!

The third one is GT-R by Nissan!

#Porsche Spyder.

2015 Porsche 911 GTS.




#Corvette Z06

I had thought of getting a #SubaruBRZ ...

The BRZ's interior.

Forgotten what car is this, but it looks super cool!



#BMW i8


the #SLK

#Audi Quattro


All in all, this auto show was awesome and was one to remember!

peace xx


"WE ARE YOUNG 我们正年轻" is finally on air on TV2!
Stay tuned on every Sunday and Monday at 7:00PM.

This is the first sitcom that I participated in helping out the production team when I work as an intern at Triomedia. It is also many of the young actors' first time perform in the sitcom, please support them! :D

This sitcom was shoot for few months and I joined them on February 2014 while they were shooting half way at A' Famosa, Malacca. I remember I was so quiet when I first join them in the big family of "We Are Young" because I don't know everyone at there. 
Just being awkward. 
And that time I was so afraid to talk to the elders especially the producer, who they said I look like her and called her as my "mom". #wtf 
My image at first was so good as they thought I am a quiet person until the last few days before wrapping, I spoiled my own image by showing them my true personality. omg. I actually was a super crazy girl. haha :D
I miss working in the production even though is tiring, but I really enjoy it! 
I miss everyone!

If I'm not wrong, I guess this is my first picture with the lovely production team!
We were having one day break, and so we went to the town to hunt for good food :)

Nyonya food as lunch!
That time I was still in the awkward-situation while hanging out with them. haha
oh. That's my pink hair ><

WeiLoon's birthday with the big family :D

All the young people!
can ignore my silly face with that pink hair.
I wonder why would I think that my pink hair was so cool that time. lol

Shooting in process.

and the wrapping day, photos with the actors! 
Too bad, never get to take photo with Ruby and Emily.

Sophie, the pretty lady :)

Stephanie, super cute lil girl!

Michael Chin, very nice and friendly guy :)

Daniel Fong, the most handsome one among all. haha

Darren, fun lil boy. lol

lastly, don't need me to introduce this idiot...
JunHung, a very talented guy, can sing, can play piano, very good in cooking.
Girls must be like him, but he is not my vegetable. HAHA

The Girls
Sophie, Stephanie, Ruby, Emily

The Boys
JunHung, Darren, Michael, Daniel

Once again, please support "WE ARE YOUNG" on TV2, every Sunday and Monday at 7PM!
or watch it live stream at :)

peace xx