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liar of love.

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a Malaysian girl who stuck in United States.

YEAN is my name.


Status : I never feared death or dying, I only fear never trying.



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我 依 然 还 在 等 待 

Garage 51 | by, Coffee Société
I was browsing the internet most of the time when I was in United States.
My life in there turned back to be freaking bored after the silly Peter is no longer by my side :\
He is so mean to leave me alone. Life is so dull without him. lol.  #justsaying
So, I read a lot of interesting articles, and one of it is about Top XX Must-Try Coffee Places in Kuala Lumpur.
There's a lot of interesting places in my home country that I never know.
Since I have a long break now, I wish to explore all of those places!

Dated my long lost PJCAD college mate, Dayvis Loh Wei Looooooon last week.
Never talk and never see him for ages! I think is about 4 years we never contact each other.
The time we knew each other, I was only 18 years old. Time flies.
Since we going to meet at Sunway area, I suggested to try this coffee shop - Garage 51.

Hello to my long lost buddy.

He keep saying that after I came back from U.S, I turned so hot and sexy :X
I heard many of you saying that I change a lot ; some friends even asking me why am I so #Swag.
hahahahaha. what the fuck?
Heyyyy... I just wanted to dress up in different style.
#swaggerwannabe  :P

Garage 51 located just opposite Sunway University. 
It is so cool that they actually located at those car garage place!
That area makes me think of my friend's auto care shop at San Jose, U.S which I always go there to chill. lol
*I know is weird to chill at a car repairing shop*

Their interior concept is brilliant. 


The waiter suggested me to have their signature Mochatella.
Coffee ice cubes with Nutella and fresh milk.
Pour the milk into the glass of frozen coffee melts, stir it and migle with the chocolate!

Dayvis's meal. 
Forgot the name of this meal.

Mine :)
Couscous with chicken piccata, avocado & crispy poached egg.
Surprisingly delicious!

and lastly we shared a dessert, Tiramisu.

Overall, it is a nice place to chill with friends. Food is great, and I like their ambiance. 
Just one bad thing is hard to find parking spot during noon time, I not sure about night time.

Garage 51 by Coffee Société
51, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
Business hours: 11am - 11pm (Closed on Monday)

Was a really nice catch up with a friend that never meet for ages.

loves xx

Party Girl is Back ?

Look back at my previous post during year of 2012 Summer break, I was back to Malaysia for holiday.
During that two months, I party once or twice a week, and Zouk had became my second home. 
Same situation as last time, I straight went to clubbing a day after I came back to Malaysia :X
Two weeks straight go to Phuture, Zouk ; since when the boys so on to club, thought you all retired long time ago. lol.
I afraid that I will spend my whole Summer break on party again. That's sucks.
I don't wish to be back like last time. Guess I really need to get some job to do, but I don't know what should I do. #wtf

Last time we go to party to hunt for hot guys and sexy chicks, these days we go to clubbing just for social. So much different compare to last time!
We just chit-chat and drink around our table, in the meantime we enjoy the DJ musics :\
To be honest, I actually still in the playful mode, I wanted to go to the dance floor to dance, but these days nobody wants to go to the dance floor! :(

BALLERS are meant to be ballers.
Moet  |  Glenmorangie  |  Hennessy  |  Whisky

some of the boys  |  brotherhood for more than 10 years ; still love 'em :)

the girls  |  the bro's girlfriends (ah sou s) and the drunk-looking me at the right

Since no one wants to go to the dance floor, #selfie time to entertain ourselves. lol

Louis, Rice and me

Rice and Kok Lim babee :)

That drunk photographer, Louis Chong!

Pretty Rice YenLing :)

Before going to Zouk, these people last minute only worried about me!
I never drive by myself to party before, and I never go to a club without them.
No worries if clubbing with them, everything will be safe :)
This is why I love them so much even though they always bully me, and they used to call me 'BURDEN' because I always bring troubles to everyone. 

Some self-loving pictures after party. hahaaa.

loves xx

350z ; Troublesome
First time in my life I involved in a car accident, it happened at San Jose two months ago.
It was a really bad experience I never ever had before.
No worries, I was safe and nobody was hurt, just that my car was fucking damaged! #fuckit

Most of you know that I own a Nissan 350z (is a Fairlady, but they don't call it 'fairlady' in U.S.) in United States.
Whenever people ask me what car am I driving in U.S, and I tell them I drive a 350z, they will be like "wow, you have a cool car".
Yes, it is very cool. But, definitely not cool when the car brings you hella lot of trouble :\

So how I hit my car?

Was a Friday night, I was in a hurry to go out for dinner with my friend.
As a ROAD-BLIND, I need a GPS to lead me to wherever I want to go, not only in U.S, even in my home country too.
So I had my phone GPS ready, and started to drive out from my apartment.
While I was driving, I felt that I went to the wrong way, then I tried to look at my phone GPS clearly to make sure that I was in the right place,then the accident just happened like that :X
I guess I never held my steering properly, and I never realized my car was moving to the right, then I fucking hit on a white Dodge van that parked at the side way.
I drove in a quite slow speed, so I don't understand how could I hit my car so serious. #wtf

My 350z front right side was seriously damaged!
I was shocked when I saw my car like that because I never see my car hurt so badly before. lol
I don't know whether should I laugh or cry. 

The other party's van that I hit on. So sorry :(
Looks like not that serious, but actually the wheel had gone to front and the van cannot move anymore.

Thank god this incident happened in United States, not Malaysia. Why say so?
People in America are very nice and polite ; when I accidentally hit the owner's car, first thing he do was looked after me, asked me whether am I alright, did I hurt or injured... Then only he talked about the cars.
If the same thing happens in Malaysia, I fucking sure that typical Malaysians will swear on you and scold you by hitting their cars.

Poor little boy :(

There was an officer (cops/sheriff/police for the Malaysian if you don't understand) just right in front of us, so the van's owner asked him to come over as I don't know what the hell should I do.
I was a little bit nervous! I wasn't scared of the accident nor the cops! I was worrying how the hell am I going to school without my car, and how to tell my parents about it. LOL.
The officer found out that my car registration was expired, and I did not have prof for my latest insurance due to I brought out the old copy of my insurance ; there you go, I got a citation ticket (saman) from him. fuck.

Hello sir, you wrote my information wrongly!
My name is YEAN not YOUNG ; I was born in 1991 not 1993 ; I am 5'8" tall not 5'4" ; the license number is wrong too!
I was wondering whether is the officer did it on purpose, so that I don't have to pay for it. LOL
Guess I think too much.

I called my insurance. After they inspected my car, they sent it to the body shop to fix it.
Guess how much is it to get everything fixed? 
Around $6k. Jesus. 
Claimed insurance, I still have to pay the deductable fees around $1k.
Well, I'm no longer a 'good-driver' and my insurance gonna be more pricey!

My boy is back after the body shop took almost a month to get it done!
new bumper, new fender, new right wheel, and nicely painted :)
I told my friends I fell in love with my boy again... but just for a second. haha.

This boy actually brought me a lot of trouble! 
Not gonna talk so much about it.


peace xx

Summer Break | Back to Home
is summer time!
Bikini  |  Shorts  |  Flip flops  |  Sun glasses  |  Sun shine  |  Beaches 

I decided to get my ass back to Malaysia as soon as my summer break started.
and yes, I'm back to home now :)


I'm done with De Anza College after one and a half year, and preparing to transfer on Fall 2014.
I guess I did well for all my classes except for one class (Humi1: Creative Mind) ; I knew I'm gonna fail the class, so I just gave up on the final exam (I did not turn in my final paper)
I told Peter about this, I told him I'm so gonna be the second him ; he laughed, and said I'm brave as usual. #wtf
Now I really have to pray to god that my results will not mess up with my plan of transferring to university :X

I guess I'm not going back to San Jose, and hopefully I don't have to be back there.
I really don't wish to stay in San Jose, that place just makes me sick. 
Maybe next time I will just go back there to visit some friends. 
But, hey. Friends? I don't have much friends over there to be honest.


Prepare to suffer on the 18 hours of flight :\

fly away.

peace xx.

Short Films
Leaving my blog dead for few months again.
I know I always promise myself to blog frequently yet I still neglect my blog :(
I always wanted to blog during these few months, but I just being lazy.
There were many things happened, I just felt like writing and expressing my feelings; I actually miss blogging!

feeling mehhhhhhh

Let me start with these short films that I did for my film class on Spring quarter.

This assignment is to make a short narrative video that conveys either comedy or fear.
I choose fear.

Basically there's no actual story for this film.
What I came out with the idea was a girl find a strange box (luggage) in her garage, she looks through her eyes and saw some weird thing happens, which is the box brings her to a mystery place when she opened it. At the end, everything was just an illusion.

I edited this film in last minute :\
It would be better if I could make the running part longer and put some effort on the effects.

My final assignment. We asked to create a short, narrative video that represents techniques we have learned in this course. So, I make a music video.

I took half day to shoot and 4 hours to edit it.
yes, last minute again.
I just can't change my bad habit on doing work in the very last minute.

The music video is boring... somehow, I personally like how I used the shot compositions in this video.
and I really put lot of effort on planning how to shoot, just that I couldn't get a taller and handsome guy to be my actor :P

This assignment is about exploring narrative. So, we can come out with any story that we want.
Then I don't know who's idea was this and how the heck I can be so sillyyyyyyyyyyyy in front of the camera.

Is so embarrassing to look at myself in the video >___<
But I enjoy so much on editing this one. HAHA. I don't know why.
The part, #letmetakeaselfie is fucking randommmmm. yes, is really really really just random!

Some people told me they don't understand the story. oh well.
Is just a nerdy girl stalking the pictures of the hot guy that she admired. lol. hahahaha. just kidding.
The guy that the nerdy girl admired asking her out for a date, she is so excited but when she think of how she need to dress up for the date (as she sucks on dress up nicely), she wants to give up and not going to the date. Then the magical mouse did some magic and help her on dressing up. At the end, she agree to go on the date.


love xx

Photo Roman
This quarter I'm finally taking a practical class for my major - F/TV20 (Basic Film Production)
Been escaping it for so long, still I have to take it for my last quarter in De Anza College.

Here's my first project for this class.

Photo Roman - simply is a film made entirely of still photographs. 
"You may choose any subject or treatment as long as your project has a clear beginning, middle, and end. The photos must be capable of being assembled in some way where you are able to dictate their order and pacing." - requirement for this assignment.

Basically I just need to come out a short story, look for actors and location, take photographs and then lastly editing. 
Simple and easy.

Thanks to this kid, ChengYow for being my actor even though he was quite unwilling to do it. heheee.

Here's the video :

Its kind the lame. I spent too much time on the front part, and behind I was kind the rush to make it finish. So yeah... 
And the sound effect is the thing. haha. My first time editing with those sound effect. Sounds weird huh? 

peace xx